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Easy Strategies to Gain LOTS More Subscribers

Once you have your squeeze page in place with your opt-in form and incentive, you should start to notice a fairly good turnover of people signing up to your mailing list – especially if it is attached to a popular blog with a lot of footfall.

But don’t rest on your laurels! It is folly to take the “build it and they will come approach,” so in order to really capitalize on your good work so far, you need to look into ways you can get more exposure for your opt-in form and encourage people to find it and to want to sign up.

There are several ways you can do this…


The first is to use what’s known as a “pop-over.” This is basically a dialog box that will appear over the top of your content when people load up your page and promote your mailing list. They’ll be able to then either sign up, or close the dialog to keep reading.

This is a technique employed by the vast majority of digital marketers and bloggers today, which suggests that it is a highly effective method and one that’s worth trying. Indeed, many marketers report that it helps to drive their conversions up significantly – such that it is worth the slight irritation that it incurs for the users.

Talking About the Mailing List

Another tip is to make sure you actually speak about your mailing list in your blog posts and articles. Never miss an opportunity to point out how your readers can get more information from the mailing list, or how your subscribers have already had access to some of your top deals and offers.

You can even look for ways to put your opt-in form on other blogs. You can do this for instance by writing “guest posts.” These are posts you write specifically for other blogs in order to provide them and their readership with value. You give them away for free and in exchange you ask for a by-line that could also include your opt-in form.

You can also think about asking people right in the content of your emails to share the messages with their friends who they think will be interested. This can even lead to a viral email!

Add a Quiz

Finally, here’s one more less common strategy: add a quiz or questionnaire to your website and then provide the answers via email. This works particularly well if the quiz tells people something about themselves. We’re all naturally narcissists!

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