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What You Need To Know About Instagram Carousel Ads

Another new feature introduced by Instagram in 2019 was the Carousel Ad. With this an Instagram user can swipe through a number of images or videos (just as you would with a carousel) and there is a call to action button which will send the user to your website or your online store.

You can do a number of interesting things with Instagram Carousel Ads. For example if you have a number of products that you want to showcase then a Carousel Ad is one of the best ways to do this.

What about if you want to share a story in multiple parts? Again its Carousel Ads to the rescue. Or perhaps you want users to take a deep dive into one of your products or services? This is easy with an Instagram Carousel Ad.

Facebook introduced the carousel advertising format some time ago. They work very well on Instagram because it is a visual medium. You should think carefully about your audience with Carousel Ads. Showing a carousel of different products to a customer is likely to have a much more positive effect than if a user has never seen your products before.

What are Carousel Ads?

You can spot an Instagram Carousel Ad as there are dots at the bottom that are there to persuade users to scroll through the carousel. Some businesses use Carousel Ads to take users on a journey through their business. This is a good way to enhance the connection that a user has with your brand.

Instagram users are used to going through content at a really fast pace. When you use a Carousel ad you will keep them looking at your content for a longer period of time. There are two types of Carousel Ad which are the image and video types.

These are the calls to action that you can add to your Instagram Carousel Ad:

  • Apply now
  • Download
  • Book now
  • Call now
  • Contact us

The Carousel Image Ad

You can add a number of images to create a Carousel Image Ad. When you create the ad the images will be automatically linked together so that an Instagram user can scroll through them using the dots.

Here are the important specifications for a Instagram Carousel Image Ad:

  • An Instagram Carousel Image Ad has a recommended resolution of 1080 X 1080 pixels
  • The correct aspect ratio for a Carousel Image Ad is 1:1
  • The image formats need to be either PNG or JPG for an Instagram Carousel Ad
  • The maximum file size per image for a Carousel Image Ad is 30 MB
  • You can add between 2 and 10 images to your Carousel Image Ad

The Carousel Video Ad

You can add as many as 10 videos to your Instagram Carousel Video Ad. Be careful when you are creating the short videos to ensure that you have the correct balance of content so you do not overwhelm users that view your Carousel Video Ad.

Here are the important specifications for a Instagram Carousel Video Ad:

  • A Carousel Video Ad must have a minimum resolution of 600 X 600 pixels
  • The maximum resolution for a Carousel Video Ad is 1080 X 1080 pixels
  • The correct aspect ratio for a Carousel Video Ad is 1:1
  • The recommended file format for the videos in your Carousel Video Ad is MP4
  • There is a file size limit of 4GB per video
  • The length of your video must not exceed 60 seconds
  • You can use between 2 and 10 videos for each Carousel Video Ad

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